Provide a Privacy Disclosure in Beacon Chat

In some jurisdictions, you may need to take specific steps to set up chat functionality in accordance with applicable laws. While it’s your responsibility to make sure you’re doing so, we’ve made sure it’s quick and easy to make these necessary changes to your Beacon.

This article does not constitute legal advice in any way and is for purposes of information only. You should always seek legal advice as to what is required of your organization.  

When you have a chat conversation with Beacon, Help Scout creates a conversation in the Inbox containing the full chat transcript. This means that conversations are recorded and accessible to you and to Help Scout; Help Scout is a third-party data processor for chat conversations conducted using Beacon. Help Scout uses the recorded chat data only to provide service, per our Privacy Policy and Data Processing Amendment

If your organization is required by law, ordinance, or regulation to provide notice to your customers that their information is shared with third parties when they chat with your team, you may wish to include a relevant notification with the beginning of each chat session. 

Follow the steps below to put that notification in place. 

Use Beacon Translate to Set a Pre-chat Notification

Beacon includes a Translate option that allows you to change the default text in Beacon. See Translate Beacon Words and Phrases for more on this feature.

The field labeled Chatbot greet can be used to include a notification that you use Help Scout for chats, your chats are recorded, and/or advisement of your privacy policy before your customer begins a chat.

Note: Seek legal advice to determine what your disclosure and notification obligations are to determine the text you should use here.

Head to Manage > Beacons > [choose your Beacon] > Translate.
Scroll down to find the Chat section and click the header to expand the option.
Provide the disclosure text you wish to use in the Chatbot greet field. Note that this field has a limit of 160 characters.
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