Messages: Examples for Product Teams

As a Product team, the feedback loop from customers is essential to continuously improve and provide value to customers. Use Messages to gather feedback, run surveys, and chat directly with customers. 

Product team members who don’t log in to Help Scout every day can be added to the account as Light Users, where they will have access to create and manage customer-facing Messages. 

Have a look at some ideas below on how your Product team can leverage messages to receive essential feedback from customers. 

Get in-the-moment feedback

If you’ve launched a new page, product, or feature, and want to gather gut reactions, use Messages to gather feedback using the action Respond to a Survey. The Product team can log in to Help Scout to see the results of the survey at any time. 

Measure customer satisfaction

How likely are your customers to recommend your product, service, or app to a friend? You’ll never know if you don’t ask! Use Beacon to prompt any surveys in your web-based app, like gathering NPS responses. Just choose the action to Go to a URL and send a link to your survey.

You can send your survey responses over to your Help Scout Inbox to manage them there and keep all that rich customer context together.

Chat directly with customers

Use the Identify method to pull in information like account type, size, or stage in the customer journey, and then add the Start a chat action on a Message to have customers chat with the support team about a new release, or gather actionable feedback from a specific cohort of customers.

Collect customer roadmap feedback

Building a SaaS tool from scratch and want to survey your customers on what feature you should work on next? Use a multiple choice survey in Messages to collect that feedback.

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