Messages: Examples for Marketing Teams

With Messages, your Marketing team can proactively message customers to drive signups, announce new features, and highlight promotions.

Invite your Marketing team as Light Users on your account to give them access to create and manage customer-facing Messages.

Use the suggestions below as inspiration on how your Marketing team can leverage Messages. 

“We use Messages to promote a book download the new website visitors. Messages probably boosted downloads by 200%.”

— Barnaby Lashbrooke at Time Etc

Increase webinar awareness

Got an upcoming webinar? Messages are a great way to get the message out there to your existing customers, or interested parties from your blog or marketing site.

At Help Scout, Messages drive 45% of our webinar registrations compared to popular promotional channels like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Google AdWords. When we included Messages in our overall promotional repertoire, it increased overall sign-ups by 13%.

Prompt trial sign-ups

Increase the number of account sign-ups by triggering a Message when a website visitor spends a few minutes on your features or pricing page.

Add Messages to your blog or Docs articles that appear in online searches. Use the Identify method in the Beacon JavaScript API and Customer Properties along with Messages Audience selection to detect if they are a customer already or not, and plug trials or demos to folks that aren’t.

Nudge to new products or features

Recently release something shiny and new or having something really awesome coming up? Keep your customers in the know with Messages. Use the Open a Docs Article action to get customers up and running with new app features, or use Go to a URL to send them to a landing, product, or pre-order page.

Using the Identify method, you can even target specific folks that might benefit most from the feature, like pulling in Clearbit data to see what other tools someone is using to point towards helpful integrations, or targeting a very special t-shirt to all customers named “Steve.”

Increase newsletter signups or downloads

Wave folks viewing your blog or visiting your site to get more goodies in their inbox, without interrupting their shopping or viewing experience with a pop-up. Just use the action to Go to a URL, and link to a Mailchimp or newsletter sign-up landing page.

Promote relevant blog posts or case studies

Using something like Clearbit to detect your B2B customers’ industry vertical, location, or size? Use the Identify method and use Go to a URL to show them how other customers like them find success with your products by sending targeted blog posts, case studies, and customer stories. Your visitor will be thankful for the contextual advice, and social proof can be a very persuasive tool!

Offer promotional discounts

Reward loyal customers, or lure in customers that seem to lurk without making any moves with targeted promotional discounts. Use the Identify method to acknowledge a healthy purchase history or personal details like birth dates collected, and offer incentives accordingly.

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