Messages: Examples for Customer Support Teams

Messages allow the Support team to proactively communicate with your customers, give them a heads-up before you perform site maintenance, and offer troubleshooting guides in areas of your product where your customers often get in touch.

Check out some ideas below for inspiration on how your Support team can reduce email volume and better communicate with your customers using Messages. 

Smarter self-serve

We all have little things that can trip customers up, causing them to email your support team. Help reduce customer confusion and incoming email volume by offering helpful Docs articles exactly when and where customers need them. 

Target customers using the Sequence of events to pop up on a Specific URL after their Time on page hits 2 minutes to prompt someone who might be stuck.

Stay ahead of status events

Is a portion of your app or site down? Reduce the inbox flood of “are you down?” emails to a trickle with Messages. Plug updates on your marketing site, Docs, and web-based app to keep people in the loop, and use the Go To URL action to link to your Status page.

Scheduled maintenance heads up

If you’ve got 24-hour customers, there’s no good time for a deployment. Soften the blow with a Message to let them know well in advance, then a different one during the maintenance window just to make sure.

Chat with churn risk customers

Before your customers cancel their subscription, offer them the chance to chat with one of your customer champions, when your team is online. This proactive message allows your customer to resolve any issues they are having and may prevent them from canceling their subscription. 

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