Referral Program

We're so grateful for the Help Scout love that is shared across the world! Now it's our turn to return the warm fuzzies.

Our referral program lets you refer Help Scout to others and, in return, you and your friends will receive some thank-you gifts from us. Thank you for spreading the word!

Referral Program

Use the Refer a friend 🎁 link in Help Scout to visit the referral page and generate a referral link. 

Earn $300 when your first referral becomes a paying customer and $250 for every subsequent paying customer you refer. You can also earn a $50 bonus for every 5 new friends who become paying customers. We kindly ask that you don't use the referral code for your own account, or for the company that you work for.

We reserve the right to declare a referral ineligible if we believe that you're abusing the program.

Share the Love

Click your avatar or initials in the top right corner and choose Refer a friend 🎁.

Generate your unique referral link by entering your email address on the referral page. Copy your link and keep it somewhere safe! 
Your link will bring your referrals directly to the Help Scout trial signup page. You’ll start earning rewards once they become paying customers. Your referrals must sign up using your link for you to receive payment. 

  • $300 when your first referral becomes a paying customer
    • $250 for every subsequent paying customer you refer
  • $50 bonus for every 5 new referrals who become paying customers

Claiming your rewards

We work closely with a partner software called PartnerStack to track referrals and automate reward payouts. If you’re eligible for a reward (see note below about eligibility), you’ll receive an email from PartnerStack with a prompt to set up your account and claim your commission.

Once you create an account, check out the PartnerStack dashboard to track and collect your rewards! 

A note about eligibility: You must have at least $5 USD in rewards in order to withdraw funds. Rewards are available to withdraw on the 13th of each month. For more help on withdrawing funds, check out PartnerStack: How do I get paid?

Still have questions? Let us know what you're wondering about!

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