Help Scout Uptime

Over the last 12 months, Help Scout has been online 99.99% of the time. Our goal is 100% uptime, but when unexpected problems occur, Help Scout may be unavailable. This article talks about how we handle service interruptions. 

Live Event Updates

The Help Scout status page is

The status page is hosted outside of Help Scout's infrastructure and will always be available even if the Help Scout app is not accessible. The status page shows any known incidents with any Help Scout services.

Incidents describe what's happening, and what we're doing to fix the underlying problem. Incidents are updated regularly throughout a status event.

If you’re having trouble with Help Scout and don’t see an active incident on the status page, reach out to our support team.

You can also click the Help menu from the top menu in Help Scout at any time to see the current status. If there's an active incident, the indicator will show Degraded.

Click Status to head directly to the status site where you'll find more details about the incident.  

Scheduled Maintenance 

In rare cases, we schedule maintenance to keep Help Scout up and running smoothly. Planned maintenance windows, timing, and details will be posted to the status site with as much notice as we're able to provide.

Subscribe to the status updates to receive notifications of scheduled maintenance. 

Subscribe for Status Updates

Stay in the loop when a new incident is published during an outage, or when we schedule maintenance. Subscribe to receive notifications of any events. 

Click the Subscribe button at the top right corner of the status page, and choose email, text message (SMS), and/or webhook options for proactive notifications. You can also subscribe to an Atom feed or an RSS Feed if those are more your speed. 

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