Get Started with Help Scout: Video Tour

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Get a guided tour of Help Scout and all its features in one of our video tours! 

Introduction to Help Scout: Help Desk

The introduction to Help Scout video shows everything you need to learn the ropes of our Help Desk in just over 10 minutes. Learn how Mailboxes, Folders, and Conversations work, and how to use Help Scout to collaborate on customer support with your team.

Need a little more guidance? Get to know the ins and outs of Help Scout in one of our weekly live demos! Ask our resident customer champion any questions in person to see if Help Scout is right for you. Sign up here:  Get a demo.

What’s up Docs?

Set up your knowledge base and set your customers up for success! Take a tour of Docs. Learn about the Docs settings, structure, and how to create new articles, categories, and collections.


Still have questions? Get in touch!  Reach out to our help team and get answers quickly.

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