Auto-forwarding from a Google Group

Note: This tutorial is for public Google Groups created outside of a G Suite domain. You'll be forwarding messages that are received at your unique group address (


First things first! Open up your mailbox in Help Scout, click on the gear icon in the lower left-hand corner, and select Connection Settings from the dropdown menu.

On the Connection Settings page, click on the Receiving Emails tab, and you'll notice a funky looking email address - this is your forwarding alias. Copy it to your clipboard and head over to Google Groups.


Head over to Google Groups and log in as the administrator for your group. 


Click the My groups button or My Groups on the left navigation menu to manage your existing groups.


On this page, you'll see the groups you belong to. Click the Manage group link under the name. 


Take a look at the left-hand sidebar. Under the Members dropdown, select the Direct add members option. We need to manually add that unique forwarding address to the group member list.


Paste your forwarding address in to the top text box. Compose a welcome message, and select the All Email subscription option, since you'll want to send everything to Help Scout as it rolls in. Click the blue Add button at the top of the page when you're finished.

Note: Your unique Help Scout Mailbox address should be a party of one: the only member of your Google Group. Additional group members cause problems with forwarding directly into Help Scout, or unnecessary copies among team members. The group will be able to access and work collaboratively off the address from within Help Scout once it forwards into your Mailbox.   


Almost there! You'll need to successfully navigate through the verification challenge in order to add the new member. 


That will do it - head back into Help Scout to see your emails in your mailbox! Next steps: Set up SPF and DKIM to allow Help Scout servers to send email on your behalf.

Note: Remember, it's easy to get lost while navigating through group settings. Make sure you've got your posting and group access permissions set up appropriately so messages don't bounce.

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