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Teckst brings phone support to the modern era, facilitating easy customer communication via text message. Reach a customer directly on their mobile device for super personalized support. The Help Scout + Teckst integration brings text messages right into the Help Scout Mailbox, so your customers can easily text you. 

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If you don't have Teckst installed already, head to Manage > Apps > Teckst in your Help Scout account. It will require your Webhook from Help Scout to be freed up. At the bottom of the page, click Book Meeting to speak with someone from the Teckst sales team to get all set up.

Receive and reply to customer texts

Upon installation, Teckst will give you a phone number your customers can use to text your support team. The number will not work for phone support. But if your customers call it, it will lead to a customizable voice message in which you can instruct them to text the number. 

When your customers text the number from Teckst, the conversation will land in the Help Scout Mailbox you choose to connect with. Messages from Teckst come automatically tagged with a  teckst tag to be easily spotted in your queue, and you can organize Tecksts into folders, or trigger automated workflows. When you first receive a Teckst message, it appears like this:

Conversations come in from a unique Teckst address, and will look something like this: Reply to the Teckst message from the Help Scout editor, and the customer will receive your reply as a text message.

Just like with phone calls, attaining the customer's email address will allow you to sync the customer's unique Teckst address with that customer's Customer Profile.  Edit the Customer Profile to add the customer's first name and email address and merge the two profiles together. 

After the profiles have merged, we'll pull in the customer's name with every Teckst they send, whenever they write in.

Proactively text customers with New Conversations

You can proactively text your customers from  New Conversations in Help Scout. Even though you are sending via Text message, select Email as the type for your New Conversation. To work properly, the new conversation must have two things:

  • The conversation must be tagged with 'teckst'. 
  • The number must be properly formatted ( The number does not need to already exist in Teckst to work.

Select your customer's unique Teckst address as the email address. If you pre-populate the customer profile using your customer's name, you can find the unique Teckst address from the dropdown. While you will need to add a subject in order to send the text, the customer will not see the subject in their text message from you. Feel free to use that field for reference purposes only. 

Apply the  teckst tag, and send your text! Without the teckst tag, the conversation will not appear as a text message for your customer.

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