How the 15-day trial works

Welcome aboard! When you first sign up with Help Scout, you're placed on the Plus plan for a 15-day no obligation trial. There are many awesome features to take advantage of during the trial, and it also gives you a great chance to poke around and get a feel for the product.

During this time, you have access to all of Help Scout's features, including Workflows, Reports, and the API. There are absolutely no limitations during the trial, and you can add as many User accounts as you'd like. Docs, Help Scout's knowledge base, is not included by default in the trial, but you're welcome to install it and test it out.

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Getting started

First things first: let's get you signed up!

Head to the main site, and click on Sign Up in the top right corner, which will get you started for a trial with the Plus plan. You will be prompted to put in details about yourself and your company; you'll also be asked for other information like the industry you work in, and your time zone.

On the next prompt, you'll be able to choose which products ( Help Desk or  Docs) you're interested in testing out. If you've chosen to try out Docs, the next step will let you set up your Docs domain and information.
Now you'll set up your very first mailbox! Type in the email address you'd like to set up in Help Scout, and we'll automatically suggest a name for the mailbox. You're welcome to change the mailbox name to whatever you'd like. You can also choose whether you'd like to have our  Satisfaction Ratings feature turned on or off.
Almost there! You can set up some teammates (or Users, as we call them) for your account. Add in their name, email address, which role you'd like them to have, and you also have the option to send them an invite to join Help Scout. Remember: during the trial, you can have an unlimited amount of Users!
Now it's time to start getting those emails rolling in. Grab that forwarding alias, and head into your email client to set up a forwarding rule to send your emails to that address. Check out these  helpful guides if you get stuck while setting that set up. If you'd prefer to set up the forwarding rule later on, click on the Skip this step button to head to the last step.


On the next screen, you'll be asked to enter a six-digit code. The code will be sent to the email you used to sign up with for Help Scout (ie.


Your confirmation email will look like the one below. Type the code back into the box in Help Scout, click the blue check mark button, and you'll be directed to your new mailbox.

Features included

Within the Help Scout trial, all of our features are included for you to get the most of the trial as possible. We're positive they will help make your support life easier! Check them out:

If you're on the Plus plan trial, you'll have access to all of the above, as well as the following:

What happens after my trial?

At the end of the trial, if you decide to stick around (and we'd love to have you!), you will be prompted to either upgrade to the Standard plan or Plus plan, or downgrade to the Basic plan. The Account Owner (the individual who set up the account) can make the choice from the Your Plan page. We keep it simple with only 3 plans, and you can find all the details about each of them in the Price and Plans guide

All of your mailbox settings, conversations, and customer profiles will stay put! If you installed Docs during the trial, any content you created before the trial will not be touched.

Note: Our system automatically deletes accounts after 30 days of inactivity. If you choose not to keep your account, you can cancel it at any time. We'll be sad to see you go but please do  let us know why it didn't work out!

Common questions

Do I have to wait 15 days before upgrading/downgrading?
Not at all! If you've fallen in love with Help Scout, you can upgrade or downgrade at any time under the Your Plan page. If you don't have access to that page, you will need to reach out to the Account Owner, who is the only one with access to the billing portion of the account.

My account was deleted, but I still need to test things out!
We understand life gets busy, so we're happy to restore your account on our end. Send us a quick email and we'll take care of it.

Will I be charged at the end of the trial?
You won't be charged unless you upgrade to either of the paid plans, and input a credit card number into the Plan Details section of your account.

How much will Docs be after I've upgraded/downgraded?
With the Basic plan, you will have one limited Docs site included (one public site with a public collection); any extra site will be $20/site/month. If you decide to upgrade to the Standard plan, you will have one Docs site included; with the Plus plan, you have three sites included. Any additional sites after that will be $20/site/month.

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