Bronto is an enterprise-grade marketing platform designed for commerce, with solutions for shopping cart abandonment, post-purchase campaigns and powerful eCommerce integrations like Magento. 

The Help Scout integration for Bronto provides the ability to pull data about your Bronto customers right into the Help Scout sidebar. Depending on your team's use of Bronto, conditionally choose whether to show customer sales data, newsletter subscriptions - or both. With subscriptions enabled, the Help Scout integration will easily allow you to add or remove customers from lists as you like. Here's a snapshot of what it looks like in Help Scout:

Activation instructions

Log in to Bronto, then navigate to Home → Settings → Data Exchange and add a new Access Token. With the Access Token generated, click Edit Settings.


After you click Edit Settings a pop-up will appear; check all of the checkboxes under Permissions & Settings.

Head back to Help Scout to  install the Bronto app. Paste your API Token in to the appropriate field, then make sure either the Show Sales and/or Show Subscription options are checked. And finally, check off which mailboxes you want to activate the app in, then hit the blue Save button. 

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