Campfire is a real-time group chat. It is really great for teams of all sizes to communicate. You can use it to upload files, have multiple chat rooms and keep your finger on the pulse of the business.
By installing the Campfire App, you can post any number of events from Help Scout (new conversations, customer replies, assignments, etc.) instantly to the chat room of your choice. This enables you to quickly see new messages and have one-click access to the conversation in Help Scout.

Activation Instructions

We suggest adding a separate Campfire user for automated messages posted by Help Scout. By using your personal API token, messages may not appear without a page refresh.

Once you've got your user set up, you'll need your Campfire account name. You can grab this from your address bar when you're looking at Campfire. In your browser's address bar, the account name is the text preceding In the example below (, the account name would be jgclothing. Paste that into the Account Name field on Help Scout's Campfire installation page.

Next, you'll need your API token. Click the My info link on the top right of the page in Campfire to find your API Authentication Token. Copy it to your clipboard.

Head back over to the Campfire installation page in Help Scout, and paste your token into the Campfire API Token field. You can then choose what kind of events you'd like to post from Help Scout to Campfire, and also select which Help Scout mailbox will post to which Campfire room. Don't forget to hit the Save button.

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