HipChat is a real-time group chat and instant messaging application. You can have group conversations, one-on-one chats, and even talk with people via video and voice. It's available via a web app, desktop client or mobile app. All in all, it's a fantastic way for small businesses to communicate.

By installing the HipChat app, you can post any number of events from Help Scout (new conversations, customer replies, assignments, etc.) instantly to the chat room of your choice. This enables you to quickly see new messages and have one-click access to the conversation in Help Scout.

Activation instructions


Log in to HipChat via the browser and head over to the Group Admin tab. Once there, select the API section, and set create a new token. Make sure the Type is set to Admin. Once generated, copy the key to your clipboard and head back to the HipChat activation page in Help Scout.


Paste your API key in to the token field, then select which HipChat room you'd like to send notifications to. And lastly, select which events you'd like to receive notifications for. Click the blue Save button when you're finished.

Once you've saved your settings and refresh the page, a new section will appear called "Mentions" where you can map your Help Scout Users to their usernames in HipChat. Simply toggle the Mentions Enabled button on, and start selecting your teammates' HipChat usernames from the drop-down menus. Make sure to hit the Save button!

Keep in mind that these @mentions will only trigger in HipChat when a conversation is assigned to a User. If you'd prefer to be notified of new unassigned conversations, select a User from the "New Conversation @mention" menu so that that specific individual will receive those alerts in HipChat. 

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