Invite Engineers as Light Users to Unlock Customer Context

Invite your Engineering team to Help Scout as Light Users and help your team gain more context on bugs, feature requests, and possible product improvements. Integrate with Jira and allow your engineers to provide better insights to your Customer Support team, making them better equipped to reply to customers. 

Unlock the value of Light Users

Light Users are included on Plus and Pro plans, and allow you to invite other teams in your company into Help Scout. The limited permissions for a Light User include the ability to read conversations with customers and leave notes on a conversation to provide additional context or details that a team member can use in their reply.

Let's say a customer has emailed your Support team about unexpected behavior they are seeing in their account. Before your Support specialist escalates the conversation, they @mention one of the engineers who work on that part of your product.

The engineer does some investigating and then leaves a note on the conversation confirming that this new behavior is based on a recent release, and isn’t a bug. The Support specialist can now go back to the customer and explain what is happening in their account, with all the necessary details.

Connect to Jira and track issues

The Jira integration is included on Plus and Pro plans and can be purchased as an add-on on Standard plans. The integration allows for a two-way sync of information between Jira and Help Scout. Within Help Scout you can see all of the Jira tickets linked to a specific conversation on the sidebar. In Jira, you can see all of the different conversations linked to a specific issue. Engineers can prioritize bug fixes based on the number of conversations linked to a Jira card, access Help Scout if they need to read more context from a customer who originally reported the issue. 

When a customer issue cannot be resolved by the triage team at Help Scout, a Jira ticket is created to escalate the issue to the engineering team. While all of the details and investigation are included on the Jira ticket, the conversation in Help Scout is also linked, so the engineer can choose to open the conversation and get additional context, or view screenshots or screen recordings the customer has provided. Once the issue is resolved in Jira, the conversation is re-opened in Help Scout, allowing the Support team to follow up with the customer and close the conversation loop. 

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