Add a Beacon to a WordPress site

WordPress helps you easily create a website to get your ideas. Beacon provides on demand FAQs, chat, and an email contact rolled into one helpful widget you can plug right into your WordPress site. If you built and host your website on WordPress, embedding Beacon is as easy as a simple copy and paste.

Before you dive in!

Have you set up a Mailbox? You'll need to set up a Mailbox before you get started with Beacon. You can read our guide on how to set up your first Mailbox here.


Launch the Beacon builder under Manage > Beacon to create your all-in-one embeddable chat, email contact, and knowledge base widget. Customize to match the color scheme of your WordPress site, and decide if you want to use for Email, Docs, Chat, or a any combination of those three! 


Once you’ve got your Beacon just the way you want it, it’s time to copy the embed code to your website. You can continue to tweak your Beacon in Help Scout and all updates will be automatically reflected on your website as they are saved. 

In WordPress, click on My Site to open the Settings side panel. From the side panel, click Customize.

In the Customize menu, select Widgets.

Click Add a Widget and scroll down to select Custom HTML.
Give your Beacon a title (so you remember what code you added in the future) and paste the code you copied in step 2. 

Press Done and you're all set! You have Beacon on your WordPress site to offer chat, an easy email contact form, and Docs all in one handy widget.
Want to learn more about Beacon? Check out our jumpstart guide
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