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If you've got custom SMTP settings configured on your Help Scout account, you (as the Account Owner or Administrator) might receive an "Action Required" email from us once in a blue moon informing you that there's been an issue connecting with your server. No need for alarm! In this article, we'll go over each of the different warnings or errors you could receive from us.

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Having custom SMTP settings enabled means that you have opted to have your emails sent through your own server, rather than Help Scout's. Because we are trying to send emails through a third-party service, we may run into blips or issues trying to connect to your server - whether it's a credentials issue, we weren't able to communicate with the server at that moment, etc.

Rest assured that whenever there is an issue trying to connect with the server, we will always default to sending your emails through Help Scout's servers, just so your emails aren't delayed or backed up.

Google oAuth errors

    Username and Password not accepted. Learn more at - gsmtp

    Brief issue connecting with Google's servers to send your message(s). It would help to double-check that the credentials on the mailbox have not been changed, and  the link included in the error message also has some helpful tips. For good measure, you can uninstall and reinstall the Google oAuth setup under your mailbox settings. Check out this article for more details on that.

Outlook/Office365 errors

     • has timed out
     • Could not read from

    Temporary blip between connecting to Office365's servers, and usually will correct itself after a minute or so. No immediate action needed on your part, but you're welcome to double-check your credentials in your mailbox settings to ensure all is still accurate there, as well as your mail logs to check for any discrepancies that stick out.

Miscellaneous errors

     • Could not open socket
     • Connection timed out

    Temporary issue trying to connect to your server, and will correct itself. No action needed within Help Scout, but you can triple-check your mail servers just to be sure that things are running smoothly. You can also check out any logs if they are available to you to see if there were any disconnections happening on your server's side.

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